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There’s nothing more powerful than
a flexible workforce.

Let's make it happen

Why Perch With Your Team?

01.Let your team reach their potential - in every way

We’re making it easy for you to integrate flexibility into your professional model as more and more employees look for it. With hundreds of workspaces to choose from around the world, allow individuals access to the environments they need to produce their greatest work. In turn, open up the possibilities for your company’s growth in numbers

02. Manage subscriptions with ease all around

Give power to your talent by letting them book spaces for themselves via our free app. Keep track of your or your team’s collective usage via our team’s portal.

03. Only pay for what you use

Rather than paying fixed fees for days and months, we’ve finetuned it so you pay by the hour.And if you do go for our fixed plans, any unused time rolls over to the next month.

Long-Term Fixed Office Contracts Are So Last Year.

No, really. Coworking spaces are set to double in popularity in 2022. Here are some of the spaces you could be calling HQ-on-demand when you decide to Perch…