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Perch blog - 5 things to do after coworking in...Hackney

We’ve got coworking spaces all over the world that you can Perch at, but we’d say London is home to most of...
By Coworking Nomads Team June 01, 2022

11 Hot Tips to Become Super Productive When Working Remotely

Coworking Nomads recently collaborated on a post with Remote Tribe Life to bring you top tips for working remotely/from...
By Coworking Nomads Team April 29, 2020

Coworking Trends for 2020

The coworking market is continuously growing, attracting millions of freelancers, entrepreneurs and businesses each yea...
By Coworking Nomads Team January 16, 2020

World Mental Health Awareness Day 2019

In 2018 6,859 people took their own lives in the UK and Ireland. That is 19 people per day and nearly one person every...
By Coworking Nomads Team October 11, 2019

Take a look at this amazing space!

What an amazing kind of space to have a meeting or to break out from the working day! House plants always make us feel...
By Coworking Nomads Team February 28, 2019

Get involved

We love the look of this Coworking Space in Mexico City. Would you visit? We know we would!
By Coworking Nomads Team February 03, 2019