Who and What?

Perch asks you ‘how do you want to work?’ and makes it happen.

No person is the same, and no venture’s path is the same. In fact, change is the only constant, and Perch allows you to access workspaces worldwide according to what you might need at any given moment.

In a world that was all about fixed headquarters and fixed hours not so long ago, we give you a choice.

Why do we provide space to create on-demand?

We don’t believe in dividing work and play.

Flexible working isn’t just a 9-5 matter: it’s a movement that seeks to merge your career trajectory with the personal worlds you’re building around yourselves. We believe you can have it all, so we designed an app that allows you to tap into environments that foster greatness as and when you need them.

No messy commitments and no expiring credits make for a work environment that truly works around you. You’re in charge, and we’ll be here waiting.

We’re supporters of diversity.

Different identities mean different modes of working. Change is the only constant, and experiences shape us: whatever you need day-by-day, we ensure access to the space you need to create success.

Experiences create giants.

Business needs transform day-by-day, and so do you as a person. So we’ve designed an app that allows you to tap into office spaces worldwide and the communities they foster as your needs change with no up-front commitment required.

Perch makes it possible for you to have the experiences and interactions you’d never get while sitting in the same seat day in, day out. You know what they say - you’re only one interaction away from changing life as you know it.

Who are the people behind Perch?

Fancy helping us spread the Perch movement? Why not see what it’s like to be a part of the team…